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Manifesto of co-design for health & care

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The Manifesto co-created by OpenDot and Fondazione TOG is made up of 8 principles to consider if you want to co-design to innovate health and care.

The vision developed by OpenDot Fab Lab – hub of research and innovation based in Milan, and Fondazione TOG – the Milanese center of excellence for the rehabilitation of children affected by complex neurological diseases, stems from the question “We are all different, then why care for everyone the same way?”. Nowadays health and care have technologies and methodologies that can better the quality of life of the millions living with disabilities both physical and cognitive, whether temporary or permanent.

The Manifesto touches on the importance of language, listening, observing and co-learning. It underlies a necessary sense of mutual trust to be established, suggesting an inclusive approach throughout all the phases of the design process from co-creation to prototype, from sharing to scaling up to increase social impact.

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