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FabCare is a global network to innovate healthcare

FabCare is a global network of labs that want to make health and care more inclusive and innovative by co-designing and developing solutions that improve people's lives with all the users involved, to be produced locally and shared globally so as to be easily replicated.
FabCare was born in 2021 from an initiative by OpenDot Fab Lab with FabLab Kamp-Lintfort.

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How can you improve the world of healthcare?

Good ideas and practices must circulate fast and freely. We believe in collective action and in the power of sharing: being open, distributed and interconnected maximises the positive impact labs can make to innovate the status quo. We need all of you to scale up the co-design method for health and care!

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We want to make positive impact on the lives of people with special needs

Join us in the process of innovating healthcare by starting from learning together, getting inspired by the best practices and setting up local projects. Here you can find a list of concrete activities from the most basic to the advanced ones.

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Discover the tools and learn how to co-design for health and care

We are collecting tools to learn how to co-design for health and care to make a positive impact in the lives of people with special needs. You are all invited to download, test, use, remix, share or simply translate the tools in your language so as to spread the word!

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Contact us if you’d like to share your ideas, run an activity, want to start a project together, or simply need some advice or get involved in any other way!

Write us at hello@fabcare.network