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How to run an interview

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The Topic Guide and the Topic Board are paired tools to plan, collect and systematise the information out of a one-to-one interview on specific topics. To define the concept is crucial to have a 360° overview on the topic Establishing a dialogue with the main stakeholders, sharing experiences and perspectives, ideas and criticalities, objectives and approaches is the best way to achieve this goal. The scope of any good interview is to create a field of participatory exchange where the conception of an initial project and its declinations take place through debate in an active and dynamic way.

The tools supports you throughout all the session, including its preparation and the post-interview, helping you to:

  • clearly set the session by presenting the project’s objectives
  • guide the interview with a supported material (Topic Guide)
  • collect and cluster feedback appropriately (Topic Board)
  • use speech-to-text software to facilitate the writing of meeting report

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