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How to make a storyboard

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A storyboard is a tool aimed to tell a story in a sequence. It consists of sketches or images displayed in a precise sequence accompanied by indications on the audio (ie. voice over, dialogues) for the purpose of pre-visualising a story.

More and more often, to spread your idea the most effective way is to make a video. How to grab people’s attention and create a compelling and exhaustive short video?

The first thing to do for any good storytelling is to have clear in mind the audience you are talking to and the message you want to convey.

This tool aims at being the blueprint of your video project, by sketching and writing the narrative frame by frame.

Once you have created the storyboard you can also cut the frames from the tool and reshuffle them to test different storytelling.

In fact, story - by definition - is linear, while the way we tell that story is what we can design. The tool doesn’t aim to provide a predetermined narrative structure, but rather to inspire you and remind you to consider all the aspects of the project: starting from the idea, the research and the process behind the final outcome, passing through the prototyping, making and testing with users.

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