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How to define the brief

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The brief is the statement that wants to describe for who, how, and in which context you design. It is a sort of abstract, where every important information is reported in the most short and accurate way possible. With a good brief, you can go to anyone and be sure that it will understand the users, targets, and contexts of your project: even yourself!

To have an effective brief you should identify every single elements:

  • the users, the people who will be affected by your solution, directly or indirectly
  • the context, when or where your solution will be used
  • the specifications, elements that will define your solution, here you can describe if there are particular conditions or limitations that is necessary to be known

Use this tool when your needs are really clear, otherwise it will be hard to prioritise all the elements required. Remember, a good brief goes from a sentence to a paragraph, otherwise it will become a good novel!


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