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How to communicate the project

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Good communication is essential to engage people, spread ideas and maximise impact of co-design solutions to a wider audience. The aim of this tool is to help you nail down your idea in the most effective, compelling and clear way. Communication comes in multiple media – words, images, colors, materials, graphics, shapes, sound and so on – and all of them need to be coherent to the one thing you want to share. It is the message of the story, narratively speaking, or the value proposition of your solution, when it comes to talk business. By writing the value proposition you demonstrate the benefit of your solution and the unique features.

The tool guides you in the process of defining the value, focusing on the key assets by describing the user experience, the actions, the design features and the need your solution fulfills. The tool proposes 3 exercises:

  • listing and connecting all the core features to pick up the topmost 3
  • sketching the user experience and how the person interact in a specific context
  • choosing or drawing the composition of the main image of the project

This will help you choose the precise words and visuals in order to describe the solution and in finding the right tone of voice, the name andclaim.

Last but not least, when you deal with innovation β€” either co-designing very tailor-made solutions for one person or building objects that don’t exist on the market β€” it is usually hard to communicate the impact. We suggest you fill the tool together with the need-knowers and the final users to gain valuable insights for your communication strategy.

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