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Digital fabrication technology cards

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This set of cards is a tool to speak about technology with non-technical people. The cards will help you to explain the potential of digital fabrication and provide a common ground in learning about machines, actuators and sensors available on the market.

Each of the 18 cards describes one technology and includes a brief description about how and when to use it, the difficulty level, the cost range and useful details.

They are intended as an overview to spark creativity and open up a world of possibility in your work. The cards include the following element:

  • CNC machines:
    • Laser Cutter
    • CNC Mill
    • 3D Printer
    • 3D Scanner
  • Actuators:
    • Motor
    • Heater
    • Electronic switch
    • Remote controller
    • Screen
  • Lights:
    • Sensors
    • Touch/Presence
    • Pressure
    • Sound
    • Ambient
    • Distance
    • Motion
    • TAG
    • Outdoor navigation
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